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Ongoing Projects :-

Research Projects Ongoing :-

S.No. Title Investigator Amount Funding Agency
1. Membrane Transport of aqueous binary mixtures. Dr. Meena Sharma Rs. 3.88 lakhs J&K Science State Council for Science & Technology, DST.
2. Stereochemistry around aliminium (III) in metalloporphyrins. Dr. G. D. Bajju Rs. 9.00 lakhs CSIR, New Delhi.
3. Synthesis, structure, electric transport and magnetic properties of RP-type phases. Prof. I. B. Sharma Rs. 32.28 lakhs DST, New Delhi.
4. Magnetic studies of some materials showing giant magentoresistance. Prof. I. B. Sharma Rs. 7.52 lakhs CSIR, New Delhi.
5. DST sponsored FIST Programme Project. Prof. R. L. Sharma (HOD) Programme Coordinator Rs. 44.00 lakhs DST, New Delhi.
6. Stereochemical studies of Cr(III) & (V) porphyrines Dr. G.D. Bajju Rs. 3.20 lakhs UGC, New Delhi
7. Unnatural Amino acids from Natural amino acids Dr. K.K. Kapoor Rs. 18.00 lakhs DST, New Delhi
Strategy for Marketing Orientation in Indian Rural Banking
Prof. R.D. Sharma Rs. 1.22 lakhs ICSSR
Multi-Item Scale for Measuring Consumer Satisfaction in National Health Care Services
Dr. Hardeep Chahal Rs. 2.08 lakhs UGC
Impact of Transfer of Technology On Farmers Productivity
Dr. Hardeep Chahal Rs. 3.78 lakhs ICSSR
Impact of Watersheds on Agriculture Productivity in Sub-tropical zone of J&K state.
Dr. Neetu Andotra Rs. 3.96 lakhs UGC
SAP for thrust area of service Marketing
Prof. R.D.Sharma Rs. 30.9 lakhs UGC
13. Towards ensuring better Reproductive health among Tribal(Gujjar) adolescent girls Dr. Rajni Dhingra N/A ICSSR
14. Evaluating Human Resource function for enhancing performance using HRD scorecard model  Prof. Neelu Rohmetra Rs 4.09 lakhs UGC
15. Human Resource Practices and Management values Prof. Neelu Rohmetra Rs 3.00 lakhs AICTE






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