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Research Fellowships :-

Research fellowships may be instituted in the University Teaching Departments to provide an opportunity to research students to undertake advanced study and research in different fields.
The number of fellowships in each department shall be determined from time to time by the University Council.
The value of a research fellowship shall be Rs. 1200/- p.m. for first two years and Rs. 1400/- per month for further two years. In addition, each fellowship shall carry an annual grant of Rs. 3500/- for Science subjects and Rs. 2000/- for other subjects for meeting authorized contingent expeinditure connected with the research work in accordance with the Regulations prescribed in this behalf.
Persons who have passed their Master's Degree examination of this University or of any other recognized University in the first division or a high second division in the subject concerned or an allied subject shall be eligible to be considered for the research fellowships.
The fellowships shall be sanctioned by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of a Selection committee consisting of the Professors and Readers in the Department with the Head of the Department concerned as the Chairman. Application for the research fellowships shall be made by the candidates on the prescribed form given at Appendix "A" and shall be forwarded by the Head of the Department concerned to the Registrar alongwith the recommendations of the Selection Committee in each case. The names of the fellows provisionally approved by the Vice-Chancellor for the award shall be communicated by the Registrar to the Department concerned.
On receipt of this communication, the Head of the Post-graduate Department concerned shall furnish to the Registrar within one month the exact date on which the fellow commenced his research work under the scheme together with a bond duly executed by the fellow on a non-judicial stamped paper of proper value under law in the proforma given at Appendix "B".
The tenure of each fellowship shall, in the first instance, be for one year may be extended by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Head of the Department concerned for the maximum period of three years depending on the progress of the research work. Under special circumstances, the fellowship may be extended by the Vice-Chancellor by a further period of one year on the recommendation of the Head of the Department concerned. If a person who has been awarded this fellowship completes his researh work for the Ph.D. degree within a period of three years from the date of award of this fellowship, he may be awarded the fellowship for a period of one year more for post-doctoral research on the recommendation of the Head of the Department concerned.
Provided that tenure of fellowship shall include the award of any other scholarship/fellowship made by any other agency and that the period of leave availed of by a scholar without fellowship shall count towards the tenure of the fellowship.

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