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Post Graduate Department of Computer Science & IT

The Department has excellent infrastructure to carry out research and other academic work. The major infrastructural facilities are listed below:

  1. LABORATORY: The Department has five well equipped Labs with latest hardware equipments and software. The details of the laboratories are as follows:
    VLSI/ Embedded Systems & Unix/Linux lab: The department has established a VLSI & Embedded Systems lab in collaboration with Powai Labs, which is an incubated entity of IIT Bombay. Fifty nodes based on Linux/Fedora operating system connected to a High-end IMAGE VLSI Server (Intel Xenon Z1505) exclusively for the students to provide them the exposure of VLSI design & Linux working environment.
    Sun Solaris Lab : This lab is based on SUN SOLARIS 10.0 and is established to provide working experience of Sun Solaris platform to the students.
    Thin client Lab: This Lab is based on Thin Client technology. Lab has High-end Servers viz. Intel Xenon four processor six core IBM server ( ) and two Intel Xenon E5310 Wipro Netpower Servers based on Windows 2003 Server OS and 30 Networked systems with latest configuration.
    Internet & Networking Lab: This lab provides the centralized internet facility to the entire campus. This lab is equipped with NKN Server with Gigabit Network support.
    Windows Lab : This lab is used for academic support and R&D activities on programming languages and algorithms on windows platform.

  2. SOFTWARE: Major Hardware and Software available in different laboratories are listed below:
    Operating Systems:
    SUN SOLARIS 10.0 (26 users)
    SCO Unix (25 Users)
    Red Hat Linux (Unlimited)
    Windows 2003 Server (25 users)
    Windows 2008 Server (25 users)
    Languages & RDBMS:
    C\C++, Java
    Visual Studio 2010
    Oracle 7 Under SCO Unix
    Oracle 8i Enterprise (Windows 2000 server)
    MS-SQL Server 2008/10 Under Windows 2008 Server
    Research & Development Tools:
    Visual Studio 2010/2012
    SPSS Modeler 16 (Data Mining S/w)
    SPSS 14.0
    MATLAB R2013b
    Office Productivity & Multimedia Tools:
    MS-Office 2010/16 (Professional)
    Adobe Acrobat Professional 11
    Adobe Creative Suite 6
    Director Multimedia
    Macromedia Studio

  3. LAN FACILITY: The Department has set up Local Area Network which connects all the Laboratory equipment through this network and the facilities like file services, print services and databases are centralized using Sun Solaris, SCO-Unix, Linux and Windows Server 20010/08/03.

  4. LIBRARY: The library contains a large collection of books, journals, periodicals, magazines and various Project reports related to the field of Computers and Information Technology. The Library of the Department has two sections viz. circulation section and reading section. The books on various computer related topics are regularly added.
    The details of books, magazines, periodicals and journals as on Jan 2016 is as under:
    Total Number of books 9748
    Periodicals and magazines(Monthly) 17
    Journals and proceedings subscribed 11 (Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly)
    Newspaper 06

  5. SEMINAR HALL : The Department has a fully air-conditioned and multimedia equipped seminar hall with the capacity of around 200 participants. This hall is being used by students of the department and faculty of the University for holding conferences, workshops, seminars, refresher and orientation courses and other academic events.

  6. CAMPUS NETWORKING AND INTERNET FACILITY : The internet facility in the University main campus is on the lease line from Reliance with 40 Mbps speed. This facility is housed in the Department of Computer Science & IT. The Internet facility is extended to various Departments of the University through the campus network (Optical fiber Backbone) using end-end Cisco switches and through Wi-Fi connection. The technical expertise for implementation, management & expansion is provided by the faculty and the technical staff of the Department.
    The intranet and internet facility is being managed by the Department through Central Switch Cisco 4507R. Special consideration is given to the security of the network by using advanced Hardware Firewall PIX 525 and IDS 4215 (Intrusion Detection System). University is further extending Campus Network through Wireless Technology to reach at distant locations within the Campus. University of Jammu is connected to the National Knowledge Network (NKN) under which the entire academic and research Institutions in the Country will be connected to each other through High Bandwidth Network. The facility is managed by the Department of Computer Science & IT.

  7. Centre for IT Enabled Services and Management : In order to provide the various IT based services to the University, there is a separate department has setup a Centre for IT Enabled Services and Management from its own expertise & resources. This centre provides & manages various functions & activities. These functions /activities include:
    To manage the centralized internet facility of the university.
    To manage both wireless and optical fiber connectivity for the centralized Campus-wide.
    To provide IT support to the university fraternity.
    Organizing short duration Workshops/Training programs like working knowledge of Windows, MS-office & basic internet for teachers and other stakeholders of the University.
    Video conferencing support to the course on Global Interactive Programme being run in collaboration with University of East Carolina.




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